Oil Change Service

Oil changes are a common and essential part of every vehicle’s maintenance. It keeps your engine running well and prevents it from overheating. If you’re a driver from Cincinnati, Williamsburg, and Terrace Park, Ohio, and want to learn more about oil changes, this page is for you.

Our team at INFINITI of Cincinnati has put together this page to give you some information on oil changes and the signs to keep an eye out for while you’re driving. Give it a read!

Oil Change Service

How Long Do Oil Changes Take and What Do We Do During an Oil Change?

An oil change is an important maintenance service that doesn’t take very long to complete. In general, most oil changes take about 45 minutes. You’ll only need to change your oil about every 10,000 miles and depending on your vehicle, so it’s not something you have to do too often. However, not getting it done can result in overheating and cause damage to your engine.

Oil changes are how they sound. Your engine gets its old oil drained out and replaced with new oil. The old oil in your engine has been collecting dirt and debris to keep your engine clean. By putting in new oil, we are removing that dirty oil from your engine. To help keep things clean, your oil filter might also get replaced.

Signs Your Vehicle Needs an Oil Change

  • You can keep your eye out for a few signs that will let you know you might need your oil changed.
  • The first sign is the sticker on the upper part of your windshield. It might have a mileage or a date on them. Often, service centers will put a sticker on your windshield to remind you when you should get your next oil change.
  • The next sign is the change oil dashboard light. This light comes on if your oil is low or after a certain number of miles.
  • While you’re driving, you might hear more noise from your engine—specifically, knocking or grinding noises. This can result from parts of your engine rubbing together.
  • You might also smell oil or a burning odor from your vehicle. This can sometimes mean that the oil is leaking or your engine is overheating.
  • If your engine has a high friction level, it might shake while you’re idling. Without enough oil, your engine parts will vibrate together instead of smoothly passing each other when there is proper amount of oil.
Oil Change

Our Service Center

Our service center is equipped to handle vehicle maintenance, like oil changes and repairs, which your vehicle might need. We have highly skilled technicians who know INFINITI vehicles inside and out. We’ll get your car taken care of quickly, so you can get back on the road.

We also have a parts center with genuine INFINITI parts, which we use to keep your INFINITI 100% an INFINITI. These parts are specifically made for your vehicle’s make and model, so they fit your car better than aftermarket parts.

Schedule an Oil Change at Our Service Center

Does your INFINITI need an oil change? If you think so or aren’t sure, bring your vehicle to INFINITI of Cincinnati’s service center. Our technicians will take care of your vehicle, answer any questions you may have, and get you back on the roads of Cincinnati, Williamsburg, and Terrace Park, OH, as soon as possible.

You can schedule an appointment online or by phone. Contact us today!

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